• Who are we? We are runners, parents to a baby boy, dog parents (2), college sweethearts, and coffee enthusiasts. While Margaret’s love affair with coffee grew in tandem with her running career, starting in the early high school years, Matthew’s fondness for the drink arrived not long after he and Margaret started dating. Some call it a coincidence, others call it fate.

    We met on the track team at Brown University with love at first sight (for one of us at least) and after graduating, migrated over to Iowa State for more running eligibility and a master’s. Our next move was to Boulder, Colorado where we pursued running and triathlon at the next level. It turns out, Boulder also happens to be a beautiful place to immerse oneself in the specialty coffee industry. Margaret worked first as a barista for a large roastery, and then as Sales Manager for a husband/wife roaster startup. After a few years, a wedding, two moves, and one pandemic later, we’ve launched ourselves into the coffee space with an excitement usually reserved for running (though we do enjoy the occasional track workout and any local races we can find!). 


    We started roasting for ourselves during COVID using an air popper (as in a popcorn popper), experimenting with different beans and origins and supplying any interested family members with our home roasted beans. As we became more knowledgeable and invested (obsessed), we decided to purchase a 1 kilogram roaster: the Aillio Bullet. The Bullet is a little machine that packs a punch. It is dubbed one of the greenest roasters in the world due to its use of induction heating. This, in addition to the Infrared bean temperature sensors, helps reduce energy waste. The sensors also allow precise, responsive, and instantaneous adjustments. Our mighty machine can roast 1kg (2.2 pounds) of coffee at a time and easily tackle back-to-back roasts.