Our Process

The Aillio Bullet is a little machine that packs a punch. Designed in Denmark and made in Taiwan, the roaster is dubbed one of the greenest in the world due to its use of induction heating. This, in addition to the Infrared bean temperature sensors, helps reduce energy waste. The sensors also allow precise, responsive, and instantaneous adjustments. Our mighty machine can roast 1kg (2.2 pounds) of coffee at a time and easily tackle back-to-back roasts.

We take the responsibility of sourcing green beans from small-lot farms worldwide very seriously, sampling (“cupping”) a dozen or more coffees in search of just a few. Flavor and roastability is paramount, but so too is the bean’s traceability and quality. We value supporting women farmers when possible, honest wages, organic growing methods, and we source from reputable importers only. 

Roasting profiles are fine-tuned for each bean we buy. This ensures that the desired flavors, tasting notes, and aromas are highlighted and honored by the roast. We then replicate the profile for 1kg micro batches of that particular bean to produce consistent results. Our micro-batches are roasted on-demand so you know you always have the freshest cup possible.