Who are you? 

We are a family-owned, micro-batch specialty coffee roaster. Specialty coffee is coffee that has been graded above 80 according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We prioritize sourcing beans from women producers when possible and we ethically source all of our coffee from trusted third party green coffee importers. These are small intermediary businesses who have close relationships with their partnering farms. 

What does “ethically sourced” mean? 

We only source beans that we can trace back to the families, regions and farms that produced them. We also pay a premium for beans that originate from farms that adhere to better farming practices. This method of sourcing beans is better for the farmer, better for the environment, and we feel produces a better cup of coffee.

Do you have a shop or cafe? Where do you roast?

We are home-roasters without a shop or cafe but we have everything we need to roast micro batches with a high attention to detail and quality. We hope to grow into a bigger space with a higher capacity roaster. Some day! 

Why do these beans look different? Lighter, not oily? Why do you roast light?

We think that lighter roasts showcase the beans’ inherent flavor. Big brands that roast dark maintain a consistent product but these often lack nuance or flavor - other than an oily roasted flavor. Lighter roasts also pay homage to the bean’s unique region, farm, and harvest so we like keeping all these at the forefront for you to enjoy!

What is your brew method of choice?

We love the pour over method; currently obsessed with the Clever Dripper. It is one-part French Press immersion brewing, and one-part pour over. This makes for a consistent and less fussy way to make great coffee every single time. 

How do you ship?

Shipping is never a fun “add-on” so we try to make it as painless and simple as possible. All bags ship for $3. Coffee orders over $55 ship free!

Whole Bean or ground?

We highly recommend whole bean. Volatile chemicals (i.e. subtle flavors) start to break down in the coffee within a few minutes of grinding, and a few weeks in the whole bean. Grinding the coffee right before brewing will preserve the quality, freshness, and flavors that you’re buying. If you don’t have a grinder, we would be happy to give recommendations - even a cheap one is better than nothing!

What is your roasting schedule?

You order and we roast, meaning your coffee should arrive at your door within a few days of roasting.